About Us

Enviro Concept, (EC) is a professional manufacturing set up by an entrepreneur with the objective to provide high quality, value driven environmental services to ENVIRO CONCEPT commercial, industrial, private, governmental and non- PT governmental sectors.

We are manufacturer of the following.

  • 1. Online water monitoring system ( Measuring BOD, COD, TSS, pH)
  • 2. Air Monitoring System (Measuring SOX, NOX, SPM, Co, Co2)
  • 3. Air Quality Monitoring System (AQMI, PM-2.5 – PM-10)
Enviro Concept is a multi-disciplinary environmental Studies that specializes in ETP, STP, Online Air & Water Monitoring System (As Per CPCB Guidlines), WET Scrubber, Bag Filter and Field Instrument. Process Know-how, Equipment and System Supply for Wastewater Collection and Treatment. Facilities Design and On-Site Errection & Commissioning of Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities. Deals InConstruction, Installation and Start-Up of Water and Wastewater Treatment Equipment and Systems. Operation & Maintenance of ETP / STPs / APCM. On site Manufacturing Wet Scrubber ,Bag Filter ,ID FAN ,FD Fan,PNG Gas Convert to Diesel Generator, New Genset PNG Based We Deals in Process Field Instrument, Pressure Temperature, Level, Flow. Pressure-Pressure Transmeter Differential pressure transmeter. Radar Type Transmeter. Flow-Electromagnetic Flow Meter, Ultra Sonic Clam.

Vision & Mission

To deliver innovative, reliable and cost-effective eco-friendly solutions to our customers from producing green energy and managing a healthier environment for future generations.

Go Green, Plastic is Obscene!